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EDEM 3 Veterinary Animal Cage

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    Veterinary cage Edem 3 - a universal solution for temporary keeping and postoperative rehabilitation of animals.

    Veterinary cage Edem 3 is made of high-quality materials using modern technologies. This makes it convenient for long-term use and comfortable keeping of animals.

    The depth of the cage is 65 cm, width - 74 cm, and height - 180 cm. There are three separate sections in the cage, where small animals and medium-sized pets can be placed. Each section has a separate economical LED lighting. The cage is mounted on wheels, so it is convenient to move it if necessary. The wheels are equipped with a locking mechanism.

    Individual thermoregulators for each of the sections allows to create one of three types of microclimate with different temperature parameters. Each compartment of the cage can be equipped with the oxygen chamber - air enrichment with oxygen are important for weakened animals in the postoperative period. The design of the Edem 3 cage also provides the possibility of its connection to the ventilation system of the room.

    Two sockets are built in the front panel of the cage, therefore it is possible to connect medical devices necessary for treatment and recovery of animals. A special convenient mount allows you to put drippers in the inhabitants of each of the sections of the cage. A part of therapeutic and rehabilitative operations can be carried out directly in the cage, without removing or disturbing the animals.

    Additional conveniences in the kit of the veterinary cage Edem 3 - a special shelf, which can easily be removed, and tablets on which you can attach the necessary information about the animal, its treatment, contact details of the owners. The door of the cage is equipped with convenient and reliable locking mechanisms.

    Design and functionality of the Edem 3 cage allows its using it both veterinary clinics and animal hotels. Order the veterinary cage Edem 3, and it will help you to solve the problems of temporary maintenance and rehabilitation of animals  for decades.


    The standard dimensions of the Edem 3 complex are 180 x 74 x 65 cm. The width of the upper compartments is 74 cm at a height of 65 cm. At the request of the customer, the dimensions can be changed, other elements are optionally added.
    Wheels: mobile, with brakes
    Additional compartments: for care accessories, tools, supplies, etc.

    Model Dimensions, cm
    KC-02e 180x74x65
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