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EDEM 3+1 Veterinary Animal Cage

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    Stationary module for keeping animals in hospitals of veterinary clinics or for long-term keeping in animal grooming salons.


    The Edem 3+1 complex provides comfortable conditions for keeping animals. In each of the compartments you can create an individual temperature regime. The regulators automatically maintain the sensors setpoints that control the temperature with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. This is especially important for animals in the postoperative period. As well as the possibility of installing an oxygen chamber in a separate compartment, in order to supply oxygen-enriched air for an animal, if necessary.

    Lighting is also individual for each section. LED panels are powered by 12 volts, and today this type of lighting is one of the most economical.

    It is possible to install a tripod for infusions, accessory shelves for each of the departments. With integrated outlets in each section it is convenient to connect additional manipulation, diagnostic electrical appliances.

    The design of the complex provides for the possibility of installing ventilation and connecting it to the ventilation system of the room.

    The whole Edem 3 + 1 complex is mounted on wheels, so it is easy to move, for example, for sanitary cleaning or transportation from one place to another. Easy-to-use locking mechanisms reliably fixate the door of each compartment so that the animal cannot open them on their own. For each compartment there is a separate section at the top where you can store food, collars and other things.

    The equipment is designed and manufactured to be completely safe for animals. All compounds are hermetic, spilling of liquids, and damage to the functional elements of cage by this, is excluded.

    The Edem 3+1 complex has an attractive design, so it can be used both in veterinary clinics and in animal hotels. It is suitable for both temporary and longer keeping of animals.


    The standard dimensions of the Edem 3+1 complex are 210 x 154 x 65 cm. The width of the upper compartments is 74 cm at a height of 65 cm. At the request of the customer, the dimensions can be changed, other elements are optionally added.
    Wheels: mobile, with brakes
    Additional compartments: for care accessories, tools, supplies, etc.

    Model Dimensions, cm
    KC-03e 210x154x65
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